Parchment triangles

parchment triangles

Have a simple, handy aid for decorating desserts with these Wilton Parchment Triangles. They let you make your own convenient, disposable decorating bags.
Learn how to make a piping bag out of parchment paper. You'll learn how to fold parchment paper triangles.
Wilton Parchment Triangles Decorative Storage Bags, 15- Inch. +. Knights Bridge Global Local PME Scriber Needle Modelling Tool. +. Parchment Triangles. 7” Cone Size - No. 450 / UPC 0 0 – 50 count. 9” Cone Size - No. 452 / UPC 0 4 – 36 count. 9” Cone Size - No.
Make your own disposable decorating bags with our grease-resistant vegetable parchment paper 15" Parchment Triangles Perfect for cake.
How to Fold a Parchment Triangle into an Icing Decorating Bag.