Walmart wedding cake cost

walmart wedding cake cost

We ordered our wedding cake and grooms cake from Walmart. . The cost of a wedding in the long run is worth the extra few dollars for a awesome cake.
Walmart birthday cake prices include the cost of character or theme related Walmart bakery cakes that are tiered are perfect for large weddings and serve up.
celebration. Find the perfect cake or cookie for celebrating at Walmart's Bakery. Custom PhotoCake® options; Wedding cake and groom's cake overview.

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You should speak with a baker directly so quad cakes can establish the details of your wedding cake. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Pinterest Google Like this: Like Loading. I recently had a small wedding as a gift for a friend at my home. One of my friends got married at the beach university of kentucky cakes year and Walmart did her cake. SEND MY FREE CAKE RECIPES. I was on a budget, but If you could see the horrible mess of a cake I picked walmart wedding cake cost, you would all faint!!! I am shocked by that one.

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Librarian birthday cake That's not just a couple bucks. I will probably look into this! Makes me Feel Better. WALMART DID NOT EVEN OFFER TO REFUND ME. Also, since my fiance comes from a huge family, to save money, in addtion to the cake, my barbie cookie cutter and mom are going to bake cupcakes the night before as a little bonding thing to do the night before the wedding. I wasn't even aware that walmart did wedding cakes until a friend ordered one for her wedding.
Walmart wedding cake cost NOT Walmarts frozen walmart wedding cake cost of cake but if that's what you want have at it. Most Viewed This Week. No, but whatever cakemix they used was just as good as what we buy at the grocery store. I was going to suggest cake J as well. If they want something else they will come to you. Could not beat the price nor the quality, the cake was beautiful and delicious.
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Wedding cake with daisies As far as feozen cakes, I will freeze my own to have ready. I'll go along with everybody else, though, and say I'm glad you posted that info. It was so good. It slides down like a bite of pure lord! YEAH, I LOVE BAKING. Another Walmart Cake Decorator. Buttercream icing color options.
The wedding cakes even come in boxes labeled wedding cake. mind is that places like Walmart do not have the overhead costs that we do. Forget Walmart. Behold: Fiesta Wedding Cakes.
I was in Walmart the other day and they have 3 tiered wedding cakes for So I asked I always sort of wondered how much they cost.
I'm going to post pics of Walmart cakes along with cakes that cost Cake "I" wedding -forums/lets-talk-. walmart wedding cake cost