Can i use whole milk instead of buttermilk

can i use whole milk instead of buttermilk

how the recipe would be affected if I did not use buttermilk but whole milk instead. You can use milk but you need to add baking powder to your mixture.
Can I use normal milk to make up the other If you don't have buttermilk you can substitute cu whole milk pus 1 3/4 tsp cream of  Buttermilk: Low Fat Or Whole?.
To achieve the desired result when using buttermilk instead of milk, be sure you can usually substitute buttermilk for yogurt or sour milk on a. can i use whole milk instead of buttermilk I am making muffins and it says to use buttermilk BUT i don't have any buttermilk You can add milk and either yogurt or sour cream instead, but i'm not sure to whole milk will provide a good usable substitute for buttermilk.
Wendy Lai | Mar 4, 2005 PM. I don't have any buttermilk just regular ones. Can I just use regular milk? I'm think it'll just be less "tangy"? Reply to Post.
Is there anything I can use as a substitute or a recipe to make my own? Full fat ( whole) milk or semi-skimmed (reduced fat) milk work best.


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Can i use whole milk instead of buttermilk - girls have

Can I use Milk instead of buttermilk? Cookbook of the Month. Try These Recipe Hacks. Mix the milk and lemon juice. Buttermilk Substitutions, Measures and Equivalents.