How to photograph cake

how to photograph cake

Learn how to take professional quality photos of your cakes to bring your business more buzz. Catch the eye of future customers with Beautiful.
Your pictures are the only record you have of the cake masterpieces you make, so you better make those pictures GREAT! I have some tips and tricks for you.
Last month I did a tutorial on how to build a wooden table for product photography, and I had a client recently which needed photos of their. how to photograph cake 7 Top tips for photographing your cakes. Ways to improve your photography and create great images that sell.
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Photographing cake (and food in general) well is possibly the most Photographs of your cakes should not stop at just showing the cake, they.

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LAPIS COLOR This class combine my two favorite things… All the thing related with cakes and Photography! Try to view your object like something growing out of the horizon. In fact, most of these photos are underexposed, too soft and lacking in sharpness or detail. Sometime you want how to photograph cake add a little jazz and pizazz to your cake photos. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. You can already see why the first image is problematic.
How to photograph cake Online Classes Blog Photo Ideas. All photographs and written content belong to and are copyright to Juniper Cakery unless otherwise stated. Most Comments This Week. How to encourage potential clients to work with you. Some of the shots which had cakes closer to the light had too much light reflecting of the french vanilla buttercream, as a quick fix I asked one of the photographers to stand in front of the softbox and flag some how to photograph cake the light hitting the cake. Submit A Story Breaking Down A Cake Photography Session. Make sure any 'accessories' look good where you've placed them around the cake.
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HEINEKEN BOTTLE CAKES A soft light how to photograph cake a window or an overhead light creates a beautiful effect on a cake. Printing requires more information to be contained within the digital file. How to Make Gumpaste Dahlia. General Articles Regular posting of general articles about cakes, decorating, cupcakes and much, much more! It is true that you eat with your eyes first, but that is especially true when it comes to running your cake business online or compiling a magnolia bakery vanilla cake.
HOW TO MAKE SUGAR DIAMONDS Make it a point to connect with and talk to the photographer. How to photograph cake most point-and-shoot digital cameras, there is a macro setting the icon is a tiny springform pan for cheesecake tulip. The more comfortable you are with your camera and the more you experiment and try out what the different settings do, the better you will get at taking photos. Developing a vendor relationship with a wedding photographer is key. And be sure to share them in Craftsy's Projects section! This is a slow shutter speed that stays open longer than a higher shutter speed to let in more light.

How to photograph cake - wedding cakes

Practice by photographing an apple on a plate, or whatever you have lying around. I truly hope you check out my class and take away the skills you need to create stunning images of your own. Submit A Story Breaking Down A Cake Photography Session.