How to make maroon

how to make maroon

Purple and dark red are mixed to create Maroon. Maroon (US & UK /məˈruːn/ mə-ROON, Australia /məˈroʊn/ mə-RONE) is a dark brownish red which takes.
RIT Dye Maroon Recipe To make maroon take 2 packets of wine color and mix it with 2 tablespoons of coco brown. u can add more coco brown if u want it.
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Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder Hello, does anyone out there know a combination of Wilton Colors that I can mix to make a maroon color? I'm making a texas A&M cake, and  Going To Make Maroon, White Base Or Red Base? Tips?.
Get the answer to how you mix a maroon color -- or not. "I want to know how can I can make a very good, shiny maroon color. What colors will.
Canisters of cake frosting are not available in customized colors. If you want a deep maroon icing on your cake, for example, you must make it yourself. Bu.