Best way to cut styrofoam ball

best way to cut styrofoam ball

The cleanest cut you'll get is from a "Hot Knife" you can find the at most craft stores for about They are easy to use and you'll eliminate.
Materials: 2 pencils and embroidery thread Materiales: 2 lapiz e hilo para bordar.
I tried cutting the ball using a steak knife, a really sharp knife, and a heated knife (seems to work best out of the three but still isn't very good). best way to cut styrofoam ball I bought a styrofoam ball that I need to cut in half. Best Answer: Most serrated and/or electric knives will make it look like a tiger chewed it, and.
Ben Holt - Mrs. Kepner cutting ball for Model of Interior of Earth pencil, marker, ruler with centimeter markings.
I will be putting the material on a 13" hamster ball. Basically, im going to cut the difference out of the Styrofoam ball so that it fits snug to the.